New sources on criminal offences and their judicial responses

CASD now integrates data from the Ministry of Justice relating to offences and their judicial responses, taken from the CASSIOPEE application (application chain supporting the operational information system for criminal cases and children), which is the software used in the courts to process criminal cases.

This source, whose data is pseudonomysed, includes information on offences relating to 5th class contraventions, misdemeanours and crimes, committed by natural persons (adults and minors) or legal persons. The case may be without an offender or with one or more offenders.

This source also provides information on the judicial response (dismissal, alternative to prosecution, referral to another court – in the context of an investigation -, judgement) and on the circuit of the procedure used: immediate appearance, appearance on prior acknowledgement of guilt, penal composition, investigation, etc. This makes it possible to use longitudinal data to move from a unit on the accused to a unit on the case, which opens up new possibilities, in particular for the study of the criminal networks.

A first project by the Paris School of Economics is already using CASSIOPEE data to study the impact of the Youth Guarantee on crime.