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Aquaculture : Aquaculture survey (shellfish farming, marine fish farming, freshwater fish farming)

Years : 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2016-2017

Producer : Ministry of Agriculture (SSP)

The objective of the aquaculture survey is to: - count the number of freshwater and saltwater aquaculture companies, to estimate the annual production sold in terms of quantities and value, to assess the employment in terms of numbers and "full time equivalent"; - to address the European regulation: final production of adults per species and per farming technique, sales activity of hatcheries and nurseries, animal captures in the natural environment for farms, farming capacities per species and per technique; - address international demands on production and employment in the aquaculture sector. The main topics covered by the survey are production in volume and value per species and destination, the production techniques used by the company per species, the characteristics of the production means (surface area, volume used for aquaculture) every three years, and employment by type, duration and status of the persons working in the company.