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REP_COVID TI : Covid reports - self-employed (SE) workers

Years : 2020-2021

Producer : Central agency for social security organisms (ACOSS)

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, and in order to accommodate the sanitary restrictions in force, exceptional measures to support self-employed workers' cashflow have been implemented by the French Social Security Administration (URSSAF). Self-employed workers' personal social security contributions are not deducted on their quarterly due dates. The Reports Covid source for self-employed workers provides the deferred contributions of self-employed workers for each of the deadlines from March onwards. The database contains information on the company or establishment identification (SIREN, SIRET, main activity, category of self-employed person), location information (area postcode) and information on their contributions (amount due, amount of deferral, month of due date). Each record represents a self-employed person.

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