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Contours_Reseaux : Retail and Service Company Networks Scope Survey

Years : 2018, 2016

Producer : Insee

The Retail and Service Company Networks Scope Survey replaces the Retail Trade Network Survey (2006) and the Services Network Survey (2007). The objective of this survey is to identify the scopes of networks operating in the retail and services sectors. A retail network is a set of outlets sharing common characteristics (selling the same products, offering the same services, etc.) and which are coordinated by the same company, the "network head". The survey aims to identify, for each network head, the list of member establishments, according to the form of organization, in order to feed a directory that should cover all retail and service networks. he data provided by this survey mainly concerns the location of stores organized within a retail network and the form of organization linking the establishment to the network head: subsidiary or branch if the store is not financially independent, franchise, cooperative grouping, affiliate commission, concession, brand license, management lease or other form of contract. The survey is conducted among network heads (legal units) for all their points of sale. It covers divisions 10, 45 and 47, for trade, and sections I to S (excluding sections K, O) for services of the French classification of economic activities (NAF rev.2).

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