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ECEC : Survey on energy consumption in the construction industry

Years : 2015

Producer : Ministry of Environment (SDES)

The Survey on Energy Consumption in the Construction Sector enriches statistical knowledge of the construction sector in terms of energy mix (type of energy consumed) and consumption behaviors, and was the first statistical survey on the subject. It was developed to adress various European and international obligations (the European regulation on environmental accounts, European directive n°2012/27 of October 25, 2012, Regulation n°1099/2008 of the European Parliament and of the European Council of October 22, 2008 concerning energy statistics, etc.). The survey covers all energy sources likely to be used in the sector: - petroleum fuels for road vehicles: mainly diesel fuel, and to a lesser extent, gasoline and LPG fuel; - fuels used for mobile construction equipment (non-road diesel fuel); - fuels for small mobile appliances (gasoline) or generators; - electricity: this can either be produced directly by the establishment via generators or by renewable sources (photovoltaic installations), or be purchased from the grid. It can be used for operating purposes (lighting, office equipment, space heating, etc.) or on the actual site itself (crane, small mobile equipment, etc.); - natural gas, mainly for operating purposes related to office comfort (space heating); - domestic fuel oil and butane propane, also for operating purposes. This survey also addresses the issue of energy use, by breaking down the quantities of energy consumed according to their use (transport, site activities, generators and facility operations).

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