Information Covid19

For information during containment, the CASD is available at the following numbers:

Data Management Service: +33 (0)1 84 19 69 24

IT Department: +33 (0)1 84 19 11 37

Project Management Service: +33 (0)1 70 26 69 32

Covid-19, the CASD implements specific measures to ensure the continuity of its service

In this unprecedented context in France, enabling users to continue working remotely on their projects is at the heart of the concerns of the entire CASD team.

The CASD Business Continuity Plan was immediately activated to ensure the operational readiness of our services. Upstream of the containment measures, the Statistical Confidentiality Committee and the data producers very quickly took steps to allow, in an emergency and on an exceptional basis, for users to move the SD-Boxes to their homes when this was actually possible. Thanks to these authorisations from the producers, given by way of derogation for the duration of the containment, several dozen users can thus already continue their processing.

This is particularly important at a time when social and health researchers may need to mobilise data to understand the evolution of the epidemic and its impact, as shown for example by the work carried out within the Institute of Public Policy (IPP) by Isabelle MEJEAN and her co-authors and which has just been the subject of a note*, “Propagation des chocs dans les chaînes de valeur internationales : le cas du coronavirus“, taken up by several national press headlines.

* This work was conducted in advance of the containment period.

For more information, the CASD has set up this page dedicated to “Covid19” measurements which is regularly updated.

01 July 2020 12.22 (updated on 07/07/2020 12.19): After July 10…

Since 16 March, the CASD, with the authorisation of the Committee on Statistical Confidentiality and the data producers, has set up access from users’ homes whenever the necessary conditions defined for such authorisations were met.

This access from home is guaranteed until 15/09/2020.

As subscriptions are in whole months, these adjusted access conditions are only guaranteed until 31/08/2020 in the case of renewals. Beyond this date, any renewal will be made without any guarantee of being able to benefit from an arranged access as from 15/09/2020.


29 May 2020 16.17: After 2 June

The measures put in place by the CASD to ensure the continuity of its service in the coming weeks can be found on this page, in particular :

Relocation of the SD-Boxes within the hosting institution
For users who have an SD-Box installed at home and who wish to relocate it to the original hosting establishment, we invite you to inform us of this move at, specifying the reference of the SD-Box and the date on which this move will be effective. Please note that this return of the access point to its original accommodation will put an end to the access authorisation from the home initially granted.

Cleaning and disinfection of the SD-Boxes
For users who have the possibility of returning to their institutions, the CASD has put online some tips for cleaning and disinfecting SD-Boxes to be carried out between each user in the case of shared boxes.

Deployment of SD-Boxes
At the end of the containment period, the CASD is again able to deliver SD-Boxes. However, we invite you to check that the material can be received at the Host Institution before placing a new order at

Organization of enrolment sessions
During this period of health emergency, enlistment sessions will begin to be planned.


19 May 2020 15.30 : New EC call for expression of interest to fight against VIDOC-19, multitudes of disciplines involved

Commission launches today a new call for expressions of interest for research and innovation: a multitude of disciplines are involved in the fight against the VIDOC pandemic-19 :

– behavioural analysis,
– networking of cohorts on an international European scale,
– economic and social impacts,
– development of artificial intelligence and tools in medical monitoring and treatment ,
– reorienting the manufacture of vital medical supplies and equipment

TOMORROW, Wednesday 20 May 2020, online information session on : from 14h00 to 16h30

Link for web streaming:

You will be able to ask questions relating to each intervention by e-mail during the cession concerned:


06 May 2020 14h40: Relocation of the SD-Box in the user’s establishment

For those who have an SD-Box installed at home and who wish to relocate it in the hosting establishment, we invite you to inform us of this move at specifying the reference of the SD-Box and the date when this move will be effective.

Cleaning and disinfection of the SD-Box

For shared boxes, please remember to disinfect them between each user.

To disinfect your SD-Box :

  • you can use a dry wipe (or a soft tissue), which you will moisten with a little 60-70% alcohol or window cleaner.
  • Do not spray liquid directly onto the box: it could seep in and cause breakdowns.
  • Start with the sensor and rub it lightly: it is the most fragile part that should not be scratched, otherwise it will cause irreversible recognition defects.
  • It is not necessary to switch off the SD-Box to clean the sensor.
  • You can then and if necessary, clean the display, the buttons on some models, and the body of the box. For this operation, it is preferable to switch off the SD-Box to avoid accidental activation of the configuration menus.
  • The keyboard and mouse can be cleaned in the same way.
  • You can also each use your own keyboard/mouse to avoid the systematic cleaning of these peripherals.
  • Do not reuse the wipe.

If in doubt, please contact us at


4 May 2020 10.30 : After May 11th

Since 16 March, the CASD, with the authorisation of the Committee on Statistical Confidentiality and the data producers, has set up access from users’ homes whenever the necessary conditions defined for such authorisations were met.
To date, approximately 100 users can thus work under this exceptional regime.

Difficulties remain for others, and there are naturally many questions about the consequences of this situation for those who are behind schedule with their projects in a context that will remain uncertain beyond 11 May, as to the conditions for reopening and access to buildings, which are probably very progressive and uneven according to local conditions. During this period, we will continue to regularly update information on the possible modalities of access on this page.

Ensuring service to users in this difficult period and ensuring that data already available or to be made available in the future to analyse the epidemic and its impact in all its dimensions are available as quickly as possible, remain our concern.

CASD is available to host projects to analyse the epidemic and its impact in a secure bubble. If you have such a project, do not hesitate to contact us specifying the data you need and ideally the contact with the data producer if you already have one.


23 April 2020 09.33 : The European Commission has launched a #EUvsVirus hackathon that aims to bring together a large number of stakeholders, innovators and investors to develop solutions with a high social impact in response to the coronavirus crisis.

Important: the hackathon takes place this weekend and the deadline for applications is Friday.

All students, doctoral students or teacher-researchers are encouraged to participate, alone or in teams, but also as mentors. Many areas of expertise (creative, digital, scientific or entrepreneurial) are expected and several themes are proposed:

Life and health: sanitary and protective equipment, contamination containment and tracing strategy, crisis communication, etc.

Business Continuity: effective collaboration, resilient business models, structuring the production chain, 3D printing solutions, maintaining the link with users, etc.

Social and political cohesion: protection of citizens and support for isolated people; art, culture and entertainment; combating fake-news; analysis of socio-political and socio-economic impacts, etc.

Distance work and access to education: networking, reinforcement of online connection capacities, training engines and optimization of distance courses, etc.

Digital finance: identification and analysis of the financial insufficiencies and needs of companies, data analysis, data opening…

[Read more]


April 15, 2020 12.25: The enrolment session of May 11th has been cancelled, we will inform you at the end of April of the continuation of the enrolment session “Health” scheduled for May 18th.

Do not hesitate to regularly consult the dedicated page in order to be informed of the sessions maintained, added, or cancelled and to register if necessary.


26 March 2020 15.34 (updated on 03/04/2020 11.58): To answer the many questions raised by the epidemic caused by the Covid-19, calls for projects are launched in France for scientific communities in different fields and with accelerated procedures.

Here is the list of the initiatives set up in this direction:

France stratégie : Call for Papers – Covid-19: for a sustainable “after”.

The health crisis forces us to “question our development model”. It has highlighted the fragilities, vulnerabilities and “flaws” of this model. France stratégie opens a contributory space where reflection, opinions and also proposals to prepare the way out of the crisis and the “next” model can be confronted, discussed and mutually enriched. Modest and necessarily ambitious: it aims to identify avenues and principles for a model of public action for France after the crisis, integrating a long-term vision.

[Read more]

AID – Call for projects for innovative solutions against Covid-19

Launched by the Defence Innovation Agency, this call for proposals focuses on the search for innovative solutions, whether technological, organisational, managerial or for the adaptation of industrial processes, which could be directly mobilised.

Closing date: 12 April 2020

[Read more]


PACTEPME – Calls for expertise Covid-19

To best address the Covid-19 health crisis, calls for expertise are online :

Face Protection Solutions
Teleconsultation and telecare solutions

Closing dates: 18 April and 20 June 2020


DG GROW – 3D printing of valves and masks

DG GROW identifies the possibilities for 3D printing of valves and masks. If you are able to do so, please complete this file and return it to:

[Download software for printing the mask]


EC – Development of therapeutics and diagnostics combating coronavirus infections

The current outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) has been declared by WHO as a public health emergency of international concern in accordance with the International Health Regulations.

It is crucial to rapidly gain a better understanding of the newly identified virus, particularly with regard to potential clinical and public health measures that can be used immediately to improve the health of patients and/or contain the spread of COVID-19.

This call is broad, but should address at least one of the objectives listed in the call.

Closure date: 31 March 2020

[Read more]


IR-MUHC – A global challenge to design a ventilation system against Covid-19

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation, Code Vie, in partnership with the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC), has launched a global innovation challenge to structure initiatives, the Code Vie Respirator Challenge. Concretely, it asks all designers, scientists, engineers and manufacturers to design a ventilation system that is simple, accessible and easy to manufacture, whether through additive or subtractive manufacturing methods. Each team must be made up of at least one health professional and one technician/engineer with the necessary qualifications to meet safety requirements.

Closing date: March 31, 2020

[Read more]


March 20, 2020 17.21: The enrolment session of April 6 has been cancelled, we will inform you at the beginning of April that the enrolment session scheduled for May 11 will be maintained.

Do not hesitate to regularly consult the dedicated page in order to be informed of the continued and cancelled sessions and to register if necessary.


March 19, 2020 14.08: Here is the list of data producers who have given their agreement to move SD-Boxes to users’ homes:

  • Agence Centrale des Organismes de Sécurité Sociale (ACOSS)
  • Agence de services et de paiement (ASP)
  • Agence Nationale pour l’Information sur le Logement (ANIL)
  • Agence Technique de l’Information sur l’Hospitalisation (ATIH)
  • Banque Publique d’Investissement (BPI France)
  • Direction Générale des Entreprises (DGE)
  • Insee
  • Institut de Recherche et de Documentation en Économie de la Santé (IRDES)
  • Ministère de l’Agriculture (SSP)
  • Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale (DEPP)
  • Ministère de l’Environnement (SDES)
  • Ministère de la Justice (SDSE)
  • Ministère du Travail (DARES)
  • Mutualité Sociale Agricole (MSA)
  • Observatoire du Développement Rural (ODR)

19 March 2020 10.49 : For all requests, the form to be filled in has been sent. The processing of returns is in progress. There are now a few users who work from their homes.


17 March 2020 14.27: Due to exceptional circumstances, the vast majority of data producers have authorised, on a transitional and temporary basis, the access of Users to data from a site other than that of an institution hosting an access point (home, etc.).

Please note, however, that access to the data of certain producers will not be possible from the home of Users for certain sources (e.g. tax data).

The CASD has put itself in working order and therefore proposes the following protocol to those who would like to benefit from these transitional provisions:

1) Request authorisation to move the SD-Box from the legal representative of the institution hosting the access point and from the project manager (e-mail)

2) Once these validations of principle have been obtained, move the SD-Box with the necessary connectors and peripherals (to be tested before moving it).

3) Report to the CASD by email at

4) In response, the CASD will send forms* to be completed in full and returned signed in electronic format to

5) The CASD will verify the information* and forward the documents for validation by the competent authority.

6) In the meantime, you can install the SD-Box in the temporary place of accommodation which will have been designated in the forms*.

7) The CASD activates access when everything is validated.

Note: These provisions are put in place on a temporary basis due to exceptional circumstances. They are not intended to last beyond the period during which these exceptional circumstances take effect. When they expire, or at any time at the request of the competent authorities, these provisions will immediately cease to produce their effects and the User may not rely on their continuation for the rest of the contractual relationship linking him/her to the CASD.

* Please note that it is imperative that all the information requested be communicated to us prior to activating access. We draw your attention to the fact that it is mandatory to provide a public fixed IP of the network on which the SD-Box will be installed.


16 March 2020 12.29: At present, as regards working at home with an SD-Box, all the producers consulted and who responded have issued a favourable opinion except the DGFiP concerning tax data.

So at this stage, only projects without tax data (this also excludes mixed data such as FARE, FICUS…) will be accessible from home under the condition that they formulate a written request in which the applicants justify an emergency situation related to Covid-19, undertake to guarantee the same level of security at the user’s home as at the host’s premises, and acknowledge that they are in compliance with their obligations under the RGPD and the Data Protection Act in the event of a substantial change in processing.

Consequently, these provisions, if accepted, would only be accepted on an exceptional basis, due to a duly justified reason of urgency, and would no longer be valid upon return to normal by the public authorities or at any time by order of the competent authorities (Authorising Authorities, Data Submitter, etc.).

We remind you that the SD-Boxes will not function technically from another location than the one declared at the time of installation without our intervention.

In addition to the necessary authorizations from the data producers, specific terms and conditions – including contractual ones – will have to be put in place, and we are working on this.

Pending a formal decision, we invite those of you who are considering this possibility to contact the person in charge of the establishment (i.e. the signatory of the hosting contract) from which the SD-Box you usually use is installed in order to inform him/her of this wish and obtain his/her agreement.

It is also necessary to consult you beforehand between users of the same SD-Box: the agreement of the project manager, by e-mail, will also be necessary beforehand for the activation of the SD-Box.

The hosting conditions will be as follows:

have a fixed IP address (ask your internet service provider or in the contract)
have a lockable room where the screen is visible only to the user alone

If you have been able to check that all these conditions are met, and that the establishment hosting the access point expressly authorises you to go to the premises, you can then take an SD-Box and all its connections (ethernet cable, power cable, the screen and its cables if necessary, mouse, keyboard) with you for potential installation in your home. We ask you to

to pack the SD-Box well (ideally in its original box)
to inform us as soon as possible by email
to take all the usual precautions concerning the handling of the SD-Boxes.
to take note that the SD-Box will have to return to its original place of accommodation at the end of the restriction period

For projects with fiscal data, we recommend that you still take your SD-Box in case the position of the DGFiP changes.


13/03/2020 : Due to the Coronavirus epidemic currently affecting France, CASD immediately implemented preventive measures with the aim of ensuring the continuity of your business.

To this end, we would like to inform you that our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) has been activated, to enable us to ensure the full operational availability of our services.

Since the beginning of the week, we have been discussing with the data producers and the Statistical Confidentiality Committee to get their authorization to exceptionnaly allow remote access from home, justifying the emergency on a case-by-case basis.

CASD thanks you for your understanding and cooperation. Please be assured that we will keep you informed of any development in this situation and, in the event of a favourable decision, of the conditions for implementing this exceptional and temporary provision.