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JEI : Young innovative enterprises

Years : 2004-2022, 2004-2021, 2004-2020, 2004-2019, 2004-2016, 2004-2014

Producer : Central agency for social security organisms (ACOSS)

All employers are required to declare and pay contributions for their employees under the general regime to Urssaf. To do this, they must send a Summary Statement of Contributions (French BRC) on a monthly or quarterly basis (if the company has less than ten employees), as well as a Summary Table (French TR) at the beginning of each year. The Young Innovative Enterprises (French JEI) data tables concern establishments having declared an exemption amount associated with a type code relating to the "young innovative enterprises" or "young university enterprises" schemes. It presents the number of employees, the amount of contributions due (after any exemption measures have been applied) and the amount of exemption for each establishment. The scope is limited to establishments in the "private sector", and excludes establishments covered by the agricultural scheme, public administrations, non-market education and health establishments, and employers of home-based employees.

Example of data content for JEI : Young innovative enterprises