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ESA-EAP : Annual sectoral survey - Annual production survey

Years : 2011, 2010, 2009

Producer : Insee

The ESA-EAP file is the fusion of individual data from the ESA (Annual Sectoral Survey) and EAP (Annual Production Survey) surveys for common variables and for sectoral variables except for the classification into activities and products (for the EAP) which are the subject of other files. The EAP is compiled at the same time as the ESA. The EAP provides the ESA with the breakdown into branches and the APE of industrial corporations in order to be able to calculate the complete branch aggregates. This survey concerns the economic sectors of trade, services, agri-food industries, forestry and sawmills, transport and construction. The scope of the survey includes all sizes of companies. The main objectives of this survey are as follows: - To identify the different activities carried out by companies, by breaking down their turnover into branches, and then identifying their main activity (APE). - To identify the legal restructurings which affect the life of companies, and the identification of which is essential to be able to produce good statistics regarding changes. - Complete the tax return on certain aspects related to investment, particularly in its intangible component and through contributions. - Describe the main characteristics of each sector according to specific variables.

Example of data content for ESA-EAP : Annual sectoral survey - Annual production survey