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SIPSI : Online information system for declaring employee secondment

Years : 2023-04, 2021-07

Producer : Ministry of Labour (DARES)

Companies established abroad may be required to temporarily dispatch their employees for transnational services performed in France. In this case, they must respect a certain number of rules and formalities. SI-PSI (information system on international services) is the Ministry of Labor's remote service enabling foreign companies dispatching employees to France to submit a secondment declaration to the labor inspection services. Since October 1st, 2016, use of the service has been mandatory for all companies temporarily dispatching employees to France. They transmit their secondment declarations with all the necessary information directly from a secure platform before the beginning of the assignment. Analysis of secondments has been enriched with data from SI-PSI, thus providing a better understanding of the characteristics of secondment flows in France. An annual report is prepared by the DGT (Directorate General for Work) and presented to the National Commission for Combating Illegal Employment.

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