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MMO : Labour movements

Years : version_2023, version_2022, version_2021, 2001-2014, 1996-2000, 1993-2020, 1993-2017

Producer : Ministry of Labour (DARES)

The Labor Movements (MMO) survey includes data on all hires and terminations of employment contracts per establishment. It enables hires and departures according to type of contract (fixed-term contract/permanent contract), the duration of contracts and reasons for termination (end of contract, resignation, dismissal, etc.), as well as certain individual characteristics of employees (socio-professional category, age, etc.) to be measured. Until the second quarter of 2015, the databases used to calculate statistical aggregates relating to labor movements (MMO) were drawn from several sources: until the second quarter of 2015, they were drawn from historical sources, i.e., the declaration of labor movements (DMMO, mandatory for all establishments with over 50 employees) and its associated survey (EMMO, on establishments with less than 50 employees). From the third quarter of 2015 onwards, they have been reconstituted from data in the Nominative Social Declaration (DSN). Regardless of the reference year, the data are separated into two files: on the one hand, the characteristics of the establishments, and on the other, those of the movements associated therewith. The MMO field, on which the various statistics are based, does not include all French employer establishments and excludes temporary contracts. It is restricted to establishments in the private sector, excluding agriculture, in metropolitan France.

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