Conférence « Advances in Social Sciences Using Administrative and Survey Data »

First French-German conference on research based on confidential administrative and survey data

Organized on 28 and 29 March 2019 in France, the conference brings together research on labour markets, trade and firm, migration and industrial relations in France and Germany based on confidential administrative and survey data from both countries. The conference program also includes several presentations on same topics from other countries.

The aim of the conference is to encourage the discussion on both substantive and methodological issues.  It is part of the starting cooperation between CASD in France and IAB in Germany that have recently established cross-country remote access to foster and facilitate the use of the rich register datasets – which can be partly combined with detailed survey data – from both countries and to improve the data sources for comparative research in social sciences.

A panel session with producers and researchers will be dedicated to the presentation of the different data sets including potentials for conducting research for France and Germany. Comparability issues will be discussed as well as further possibilities for improving transnational access to confidential data CASD and IAB are working on with other partners and countries within the International Data Access Network (IDAN).

There will be no conference fees.  However registration is required.

Program Committee members
Pierre Cahuc CREST-ENSAE), Céline Goffette (ENSAE-CREST), Elke Jahn (IAB & University of Bayreuth), Arne Uhlendorff (CREST-CNRS).
Kamel Gadouche (GENES-CASD), Dana Müller (IAB), Roxane Silberman (GENES-CASD & CNRS)

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