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BA : Agricultural benefits

Years : 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2016, 2015

Producer : Ministry of Finance (DGFiP)

The Agricultural Benefits (AB) data covers all agricultural profit returns for all tax regimes. In other words, they contain all non-repeatable tax elements of the following forms related to this obligation code: - Agricultural Benefits - Normal Actual Tax Package (2143), Normal Actual Tax Declaration - Balance Sheet Assets (2144), Balance Sheet Liabilities (2145), Income Statement for the Year (2146 and 2146BIS), Fixed Assets (2147, 2148 and 2149), Statement of Receivables and Payables at the End of the Year (2150), non-deductible provisions and deficits (2151, 2151BIS and 2151TER), determination of capital gains or losses (2152 and 2152BIS), composition of share capital (2153) - Agricultural Benefits - Tax declarations for real simplified taxation (2139, 2139A, 2139B, 2139C and 2139E)

Example of data content for BA : Agricultural benefits